About Us

PCS – Property Care Services is a company experienced in real estate matters, offering a broad range of services, starting with property management, maintenance, sale or rent, and even project management.

Pateicoties vairāk kā 16 gadu pieredzei un darbam ar klientiem visā Latvijā, esam izauguši par stabilu, profesionālu un uzticamu kompāniju, kas spēj piemēroties katra klienta vajadzībām un rast arī nestandarta risinājumus.


To provide quality management and maintenance, thus increasing the property’s value and providing top-notch service to our clients.

To develop cooperation and long-term relationships with our clients, working together to care for properties located in Latvia and running an honest and transparent real estate management business.

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PCS cares about every client and their property. That’s why we ensure an individual approach and development of a thorough site management and development plan, taking into consideration the specifics of the property.

We believe that the basis for successful cooperation is mutual respect, trust and immersing ourselves in each individual project, as well as understanding your desires and needs.

We take pride in our team, staffed by professional, experienced representatives of the field, individuals who wish to provide the best for their clients.